Gary’s Quick Steak | Omaha Commercial Videos


When Gary’s Quick Steak inquired about Omaha commercial videos we were thrilled at the challenge! You probably know Gary’s Quick Steak since Gary was the creator of Pepperjax Grill!! His special processed meat is perfect for a diversity of food making preparations including a philly steak, tacos, beef stroganoff and well…you can watch the videos!!! It’s truly quick and delicious. You can buy Gary’s Quick Steak at Hy-Vee currently and we highly recommend it. Special thank you Lansky’s in Bellevue for allowing us to occupy the kitchen for our Omaha commercial videos!  Omaha commercial videos, thinkMOTION.


Nebraska Medicine| Omaha Video Production

It was such an honor to be asked to take our Omaha video production skills to the new Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center on the University of Nebraska Medicine Center and Nebraska Medicine campus. The project was to make a documentary about the amazing artists that have permanent installations within the new building.  It was great to work with the artists Rob Ley, Suzy Kim, Mary Zicafoose, Matthew Placzek and the Dale Chihuly and Kaneko team. Such a great cause. Such great art. An amazing project. Omaha video productio, thinkMOTION.

Shooting with Mirrors | Omaha Video Production

Omaha Video Production on location at Lansky’s Grill!!! Shooting some Glenn Valley Foods product. Marc Longbrake had the interesting idea of shooting in a mirror. Took a little doing but Marc and Patrick McNally figured it out while I just stood around barking orders!!! HA! That’s the magic of video production! Nothing like the smell of cooking meat for three hours! Look for the video soon!





Eckophonics | Omaha Promotional Video or Omaha Demo Video

An inquiry came in for an Omaha Promotional Video and when we saw their name we were immediately intrigued: Eckophonics. And then after filming them and hearing them play we were like ‘WHHHUUTTT?” Duran Duran? Kriss Cross? Taylor Swift?!!! In one evening? Filmed at a wedding? Brian and Annette and the entire band rocked it. Here’s some highlights that were put together for an omaha video demo for them. Great stuff. They are crazy talented! Omaha music is such a rich experience!




mediusa | omaha commericial video

This omaha commericial video was for North Carolina based company mediUSA that uses non-drug treatments for different ailments. We had a great time with Sandie & Paul who graciously opened their doors to us to tell us their experience with RLS…restless leg syndrome. As a former sufferer of RLS this one hit pretty close to home, great to see that there are other non-evasive and non-drug ways to deal with RLS. The product Restiffic seems effective and smart. thinkMOTION, omaha commericial video!

P.S. We’ve learned to not necessarily book a early shoot the day after a presidential election…oh boy!

Omaha Country Club | Omaha Video Production

As part of an ongoing project for Omaha Country Club, we took our omaha video production team to the Fourth of July party!  We captured kids with snow cones and one of the biggest fireworks display around. Check it out! thinkMOTION, omaha video production company!



ABC NEWS| Broadcast Video


abc news

Broadcast video doesn’t get better than 20/20 and thinkMOTION was fortunate to help them out again with an interview! It was an honor to meet a truly great doctor (seriously the last of his kind) and discuss a highly controversial topic in the medical industry. Check out 20/20 on ABC, Friday at 9:00p.m!

Thinkmotion | Broadcast Video


Playing with Osmo | Omaha Website Videos

We’re hoping to use our new little toy, the Osmo, for several of our omaha website videos. I took it out to the construction of the new Atrium being built at the Kaneko. We have been commissioned to create a video about the Atrium. This was just a test. I repeat,this was just a test. Can’t wait to see how this video shapes up. And the atrium. 🙂


Deconstructed Construction | Omaha Commercial Photographer

One of my favorite things as an omaha commericial photographer is finding the patterns and textures of everyday life. It’s even better when I can find a construction site. Commissioned by the Kaneko to do a video piece on the ambitious new atrium, I couldn’t help but snap a few photos. There are so many interesting lines in a construction site. Thought I would share a few of them. thinkMOTION , an omaha photographer.

omaha video company

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omaha video company

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